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a dabble company

owners: blake + kate jorgensen.

Tillman B was founded in 2019 as a platform to allow Blake Jorgensen to go from aiding his clients @ Jorgensen + Associates (, to being the client @ Tillman B. Our goal is to renovate, to redevelop, and to renew quality living spaces in Fayetteville, AR. 

The name is derived from their sons' middle names: miles Tillman + charlie B

Tillman comes from Kate's great grandfather's last name, wherein John Tillman served as the University of Arkansas' president in 1880. John was instrumental in getting the Senior Walk established at the University and his name along with other numerous proud graduates (including blake + kate) are etched in history throughout campus.

B (no period) is an effort to give charlie a middle name (short for blake), without the hassle of an extended long name (so as to save him from the anguish of filling out those pesky bubbles on standardized testing!).

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